Why? Why Do I Do What I Do?

Many years ago an acquaintance (we will call him Jim) got married. In the first few years of the marriage they bought a house and had children (twins!). He kept working and his spouse stayed home to raise the children. It was a choice they made together.

Jim had a really good job and made really good money. One day when he was driving to work there was an accident and he died.

I had talked to Jim about life insurance and making sure that all the expenses were covered and his family could carry on if he were to pass away prematurely. His only comment to me was that it wasn’t something that would happen and it was an expense he didn’t want to have added to his regular monthly expenses. I asked him time and again, after the wedding, after the twins were born, and most birthdays but the answer was still no.

After Jim’s funeral I was talking to his wife and she was absolutely devastated. She knew that I had tried to get him to invest in life insurance. She knew that I wanted him to protect his family. She knew he always said no.

Her only question to me was “What do I do now?”

I didn’t have an answer. There was nothing I could say. I couldn’t tell her everything would be ok. I couldn’t tell her that they won’t have to move. I couldn’t tell her that her three year-old twins would be able to live the same way they were living when Jim was born. I couldn’t say anything. Nothing.

This is why I do what I do. I want to be sure that families can carry on with the lifestyle they are accustomed to when a loved one passes.
I want to be able to show up at a funeral with a smile…and a cheque…and say everything is going to be ok.

I want to be sure that a family doesn’t lose their house if they lose a majority of their income.

I want to be sure that a child doesn’t lose both parents when one of them dies and the other has to go to work and carry out all of the other household duties that were once shared.

This is why.