Do you have life insurance?

Being born and raised in Guelph sure makes for an interesting story. I remember seeing population signs saying 59 400. Yes, I am that old.

I remember when Edinburgh Road ended just a few metres south of Stone Road.

I remember having two hospitals in Guelph.

I remember wondering why the US spy agency, CIA, would have a big building in downtown Guelph and why they would have a big sign advertising it.

Yes. There are many things that have happened in Guelph over the years. Many, many things and I am proud to say that I have seen them happen.

Insurance is the same way.

An insurance policy that was purchased in 1981 could have been the cat’s meow then, but the industry changes and new products come out with better options.

The insurance industry isn’t much different from the car industry. When I go my first car I had to pay extra to have that little button to press to roll the window down. If I wanted an FM radio I had to pay more. Intermittent wipers? Yes, you guessed it. More money! The car industry has changed. So has the insurance industry.

When was the last time you looked at your life insurance policy?

Do you know what you own?

How often do you look at the policy that you own?

Have you looked around the market to see if there are any better options available for your insurance needs, the same as there would be for a new cell phone plan or a newer car? What would be more important to your children or family-a cell phone plan or a life insurance plan?
I would like the opportunity to do a review in order to make sure your needs are being met.

I keep tabs on what is new and exciting in the industry.

That is my job in taking care of you.

When you are gone, I am the one that will advocate for your family on your behalf. Let’s make sure it is right for you.