About Trevor Wright

Trevor is an insurance & investment advisor with the Certified Health Insurance Specialist and Master Financial Advisor-Retirement and Succession Planning Specialist designations.

Trevor always wanted to work in the financial services industry, working with people to create and protect their wealth and their family. In high school he bought and read books on Black Monday (1987 market crash) and knew he wanted to give people the tools they need get through this sort of event. After high school, he was introduced to Subway Sandwiches and Salads, and became a part owner of what was at the time, the lone Guelph franchise. He eventually owned three operating Subway’s and had a fourth in development. A group of investors came forth in 2008 and purchased all three franchises and the rights for the fourth franchise which was in development.

After the sales of the stores were completed, Trevor decided to try his hand at marketing, but realized where he really wanted to be was in the financial services industry inspiring people to realize their dreams.

In the earlier career with Subway, Trevor developed the skills required to pay attention to detail, as well as the ability to be calm and reassuring in complex high pressure situations. The cornerstone of Trevor’s popularity with his clients is the secure feeling that he inspires in them. Trevor is surrounded by a very capable team of specialists whose team-work and follow-through are setting new standards of service excellence in building lifetime relationships with existing clients as well as his expanding client base.

Trevor is the special kind of person you can trust to provide protection and direction for you, your Family and your legacy. You need to search out a dream protector – the kind of person you can trust to guide you along the path to your secure financial future. Trevor focuses on individuals and families, as well as professionals and small business owners both small and large. Trevor uses cutting edge technology and current strategies to deliver updated real-time information which ensures maximum client satisfaction.

Financial Security is just like a house. You need a solid foundation in order to keep it standing. The strongest foundation is built with insurance. His goal is to inspire people to achieve financial freedom and to leave a legacy for their families and the ones they care about. He gives others peace of mind in knowing that at the end of the day their families and loved ones will be taken care of.
Trevor believes that when it comes to you and your family’s financial security, everyone counts or no one counts. No matter what, all clients are to be treated the same.

Financial Wellness Done Differently.

I am an insurance and investment advisor.

What you see is what you get.

Shorts, sandals, dad jokes are what I am made of, but when it comes down to business the serious face comes on and you know what you are going to get and that is the inspiration to get you to where you want to go.

My methods may be out of sorts with Bay Street advisors and that is because I am not a Bay Street advisor. I may use Bay Street advisor tools in the same way many carpenters use Estwing Hammers, however we craft things differently.

Fred Schwed wrote a book many years ago called ‘Where Are the Customers’ Yachts?’ about greed on Wall Street. I wonder about the same question often, when I hear about people who have lost money, or are paying too much, or haven’t heard from their advisor and yet their advisor is living in a million dollar home, driving an expensive car, golfing twice a week, and can never return phone calls, all while the client struggles to put $200 per month away to save for their ‘retirement’ because that is what their advisor said they need to do…and that was nine years ago when they last met with them.

This is what Wright Wealth does differently. That is what I do differently.
Support local businesses. Support environmental initiatives.

Support small businesses globally. Support those who need support.

Be Inspirational.

If the table isn’t big enough, don’t turn someone away. Make a bigger table.

This is financial wellness done differently